Home Make Garlic Potato Soup


Free recipe, Soup, Home Make Garlic Potato Soup 



Home make Garlic Potato Soup

Mash Potato 250gm
Milk 500ml
Cooking Cream 50ml
Garlic Chopped 20gm
Cooking Oil 1 table Spoon
Salt & Pepper To Taste
U.S Potato 400gm
  1. In a soup pot add in mash potato, milk and cream use a whisk to mix in and bring to boil. In the other pan heat it up and add 1 table spoon of cooking oil add in garlic cook until light golden brown add into the mash potato soup bring to boil
  2. Blend the soup with hand blender until smooth add in seasoning to taste
  3. For Mash Potato
  4. U.S  Potato peeled and cook in water bring to boil  after boil lower down to medium heat cook until soft and tender mash it.

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