Breaded Cheese Stick Bandy cocktail Sauce


Easy finger food recipe 

Breaded Cheese Stick Bandy Cocktail Sauce

Breaded Cheese Stick

mozzarella cheese stick 500 Gm
Plain Flour 100 Gm
Fresh Egg 2 Nos
White Japanese Bread Crumb 400 Gm
Sweet Paprika Powder 15 Gm
Dry Mix Herb 20 Gm
Garlic Salt 15 Gm
  1. Cut the mozzarella cheese to finger size about  40 gm each
  2. Prepare 3 Tray, first tray add in the plain flour,  second tray whisk the egg together, third tray mix the paprika powder, mix herb, garlic salt and japanese bread crumb together.
  3. To breaded the cheese stick first in the flour than to the egg wash after that in the mixed herb bread crumb return to the egg wash lightly cost again back to the mixed herb bread crumb nicely cost with crumb.
  4. after done keep in in the freeze to frost.
  5. in a pot, heat cooking oil to 185 degree and deep fried the frozen cheese stick to golden brown.

Bandy cocktail sauce

Bandy 100 Ml
Mayonnaise 500 Gm
Chilli Sauce 100 Gm
  1. In a mixing blow add in the bandy, mayonnaise and chilli sauce use a whisk to mix well. rest in fridge for for few hour before sever.

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