Five flavour Singapore Local Halal Hawkers Food

What is halal Food

Properly prepared halal meats must come from animals that are healthy when they are slaughtered. The slaughter must take place in a specific manner that includes draining all of the animal’s blood. Certain foods and beverages are considered to be categorically not halal, including pork and alcoholic beverages in addition to any meats that are not prepared according to halal rules.

beef, Chicken, Mutton Satay

Nasi Padang

Tulang Merah

Indian Rojak


Nasi Briyani.jpg
Nasi Briyani



There are Mutton, lamb, beef and Chicken satay sever with peanut sauce. All meat is well marinated before it skewers to the bamboo stick. Love the way it grilled to the perfection of slightly burned making its meat very tender and juicy. Cost about $0.50 to $0.70 per stick.

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is a Malay food that you can choose from a different kind of vegetable and meat from the local hawker’s stall server with white fragrant rice also called ‘Nasi’ in the malay word. there like beef & mutton rendang, curry chicken, Assam fish, sambal kangkong, spicy brinjal and more. Cost is about $4 and above.

Tulang Merah

Mutton bones are stewed in a gravy with flavour. Sweet & spicy. A really flavourful gravy that’s perfect for mopping up with the french loaf the best parts enjoying this dish is gnawing at the meat on those bones which is gonna be super tender because of the cooking method and all that even though it’s not really a lot of meat. The bones have been cooked so long that the rich marrow within the bone is also ready to be enjoyed! You can take the simple route of sucking out the marrow straight from the bone or sucking it out with a straw. Cost about $10 per severing.

Indian Rojak

Rojak is a traditional Fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Nevertheless, some recipes might contain seafood or meat. Rojak in Malaysia and Singapore usually contain sotong (cuttlefish).

Indian Rojak you can choose the variety of food from the local hawkers stall like fish cake, prawn fritters, cuttlefish, potato, hard boil egg, tofu and lots more….whatever you choose will deep fried and cut to bite size before sever, sever with spicy sweet sauce, cucumber and green chilli. Cost is about $3 and above.

Nasi Briyani

The rice is using basmati rice with lot of spice and herb to cook to can choose beef or mutton rendang or curry chicken it severs with acar ( pickle cucumber with chilli), deep fried papadum, chicken curry gravy. Cost about $5.50 per severing.


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