Flavour Local Chicken Curry Puff

Flavour Local Chicken Curry Puff

Flavour Local Chicken Curry Puff

Flavour Local Chicken Curry Puff, this tea-break snack can be found in freshly baked or Deep-fried and readily available all over Aisa.

Local Chicken Curry Puff

Local Chicken Curry Puff

Curry puffs can be regarded as Asian pies, with credit given to the Portuguese empanada for the original idea of a stuffed pastry.

Chicken Curry Puff

Chicken Curry Puff

Chicken curry puff is afternoon tea snack item usually filled with a thick curry potatoes sauce, sliced chicken and sliced boiled egg.

It is crimped at the edges and has a crescent shape. Which is then either baked or deep fried.

The thick, flaky pastry envelopes piping hot filling, giving you satisfying bites of serious deliciousness.

The filling is usually cooked separately before being stuffed into the rolled dough.

What makes up the filling is usually up to stall owner imagination and preference.

In Singapore, the curry puffs are can be found everywhere. However, they are very popular at night markets.

There are a variety of other flavours, sweet and savoury, that have been developed in Singapore.

Though curried potatoes and chicken are usually the most common filling, there are now many other varieties

Including such as durian, yam, sardine, red bean and sometimes custard fillings are also found.

Click page 2 for Chicken Curry Puff Recipe 

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